Friday Fave: 01/01/2016

It’s time for Friday Faves! Since it’s January 1st, it’s the perfect time to start the year off right. This week, I’ll be reviewing The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water in Tea Tree. I received this back in September in my Beauteque monthly bag.

2015-12-29 12.35.40

Cleansing waters seem to be all the rage right now. I can definitely understand why. They’re perfect for when you’re feeling a little lazy and need a quick clean, or when you need to take off some makeup. I like to use it in the morning to remove my night time skin care. I just don’t have the patience at a ridiculously early hour to do a full cleanse. I’m barely coherent enough to make coffee at that point. They’re also great because they don’t need to be washed off.

This cleansing water features tea tree from Australia. It has three major claims. It claims to remove makeup in one go while still leaving skin moisturized, removes excess sebum and impurities and doesn’t irritate the skin. This type of product is designed to be used with a cotton ball or pad. The cotton needs to be saturated and then you can start dragging it over your skin, going outwards. The product doesn’t contain artificial pigments, synthetic fragrances, benzophenones, parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils or talc.

I’ve decided to test this product out as a part of this review. I already know that I quite enjoy it. But how does it stack up against some heavy duty cosmetics.


Here are the products used:

1) Urban Dollkiss Easylooks Soft Lipsticks in 04 2) Tonymoly Auto Lip Liner in 04 3) Skinfood Seaweed Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick 4) It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Fix Gel Eyeliner in 01 5) Etude House Color Pop 6) Secret Key Holic Pigment Glitter 7) It’s Skin Babyface Waterproof Eyeliner 8) Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake


The top picture is after one swipe. The picture on the left-hand side is after 3 swipes and the final picture is after some serious scrubbing. That being said, I’d never put on eyeliner that thick. Given the staying power of some of these products, I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I don’t wear heavy makeup, so I haven’t had any issues. But, it’s nice to know that if I decided that I needed some heavy duty eyeliner, that this could likely handle it.

Sadly, I only have about 1/3 of a bottle left of this lovely, lovely stuff. It’s surprisingly hard to find at a price that won’t make me cry… plus not having ridiculous shipping to Canada. So even though I love it, I won’t be buying another bottle anytime soon unless I can find it at a reasonable price. I also have two bottles of different cleansing waters en route from The Face Shop.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Let me know!