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I took a little bit of a break in September/October. Work was overwhelming, but I’m back and ready to dive in. So, before I do, what would you like to see? Take the time to vote in my little poll and comment below.



Hey readers out there in the internet!

Just a quick little note. My computer has a broken screen (it just went kaput!) so new entries may be slower to come for the next week or so since working on my tablet is an exercise in patience. And I’m not so great with patience.

I do have some nice reviews coming up: a tester Korea haul; a Beauteque monthly bag; a Beauteque bag; moisturizer reviews.

Hopefully this won’t cause you all to abandon me.


Black Friday Deals!

I have been reading about all kinds of Black Friday Deals, boxes and other wise. I figured I’d pass on the lovely deals.

Tester Korea

While not a subscription box, it’s still pretty cool. I have heard so many good things about them and since they are offering a sale, 30% off of many brands, I knew I had to buy some things. Yes, the shipping seems high, but when you get so many items, it’s ok!


They have been hinting of many good things to come on their Instagram. So far, there have been sales on the Global and USA shop, with the more things to come by the sound of it. I will post more when I know!

Currently for Shop USA:

  • 20% off all orders
  • Free deluxe samples with any Shop USA order
  • Free Gift with select Missha
  • Up to 50% off select value sets

Try the World

I’ve been eyeing this box up for awhile, and I debating taking the plunge. 39$ every two months and you can get a free holiday box when you sign up.


Buy one, get one 50% plus a free gift. BLACKFRIDAY is the magical code for this awesome deal.


When I hear about more, I will post them!




Come on December!

There is just under 2 weeks until December and I can’t wait! I’ll finally have some more boxes coming my way to talk about. Looking at my calendar (and my poor wallet) I noticed that I have quite  a few boxes coming my way starting December 1st.

Shipping dates:

Dec 1: Little Life Box
Week of Dec 1-5: Indulge Me Box
Dec 12: Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics
#81 1st anniversary box (sold out)
Dec 24:  Memebox Global #18 (STILL AVAILABLE)

Hopefully things won’t be too busy with Canada Post and that these arrive pretty quickly! I just want to see what’s in them already!