Epicure Santa Packs 2014

Epicure is a Canadian company that prides itself in being “a unique, 100% Canadian, 100% family-owned, women-led company, committed to doing good by providing great food, a great living, and by giving back to Canadians and their communities.” (source) Epicure sells cookware, spices and food things and are simply fantastic in my honest opinion. This is not  a subscription box, but it is a mystery box.

When they announced a Santa Pack sale for December 8, I knew that I wanted one. A Santa Pack is a mystery package worth at least 80$ but where the customer pays only 40$.  Sign me up.

I received my package on December 19th, and was impressed by what I saw.

2014-12-19 17.03.40


I’ll take the time to go through the products one by one to explain what they are, how they are used and the ingredient lists if I can find them.


2014-12-20 09.20.331. Mulling Spice

Instructions: Bring to a simmer 4 cups of apple juice, red wine, cider or cranberry juice with 2 Tbsp of Epicure’s Mulling Spices in a 8-cup pot. Cover and simmer for 1/2 hour. Sweeten to taste and serve with a cinnamon stick.

Ingredients: Spices, Orange

2014-12-20 13.08.37

This is a 170 g container (6 ounces). It is kosher, gluten free and non-GMO. I found this version of the product in the 2012 winter book for 15$. It smells really good and while I may not make cider, I may just find other ways to use this up.


2014-12-20 09.20.532. Cranberry Sauce

Ingredients:  cranberries, water, sugar, orange liqueur and orange zest.

This is cranberry sauce. I’m assuming you prepare this the same way you would any cranberry sauce. This is a 160ml container. Personally, I hate cranberry sauce so this will be happily passed on to someone else. Or offered up for Christmas dinner. I found a similar product in the 2012 winter catalogue for 9$.

2014-12-20 09.21.043. Mocha Cheese Ball

Recipe for 1 large or 2 small cheese balls:

In a food processor or electric blender, blend 2 tbsp of this mix with 1 8 oz block of cream cheese until smooth. Form into a ball and roll around in chocolate wafer crumbs. Serve with cookies or savory crackers.

Bagel Spread:

Mix 1 tbsp with 1 8oz package of spreadable cream cheese.

I like that this product came with 2 options on how to use it. I will happily eat either of these options. I could see myself making a chocolate cheese ball. I found this product for 9,99$ in the 2013 winter catalogue.

2014-12-20 09.21.174. Bali Glow Dry Glaze

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, onion, sea salt, kaffir lime, garlic, lemon grass, chilies, spices


In a plastic bag place 2 tbls of blend and 1 tbls of oil per pound of meat or seafood. Seal bag. Massage to ensure food is evenly coated. Let stand in fridge for at least 10 minutes. Grill or pan-fry over med-low heat.

This is a product that I likely would not have picked out myself but that I will happily try. It looks like it will have a bit of a kick and I think the product may have a bit of sweetness to it at well. I feel like it’d be good on potatoes. This product was in the 2014 summer catalogue for 12$.

2014-12-20 09.21.465. Salmon and Fish Rub

Accentuate the natural flavors of fish and seafood in your kitchen or backyard. Liberally coat or blend with equal parts oil to rub on fish before grilling, broiling, roasting or pan-frying.

Ingredients: Sugar, sea salt, red bell pepper, onion, herbs, lemon, lemon pepper, spices, salt, glucose, garlic, citric acid, canola oil, lemon oil

I love seafood so I am excited to try this out. Again, not a product that would stand out for me, but I am happy to have. This is a big container so I will get a lot of use out of it. I found it in the 2014 summer catalogue for 11$.

2014-12-20 09.21.556. Refried Beans Seasoning Mix

Mash or blend 1 19oz can of drained, rinced kidney or other beans with contents of pouch and 2/3 cup of water. Cook with 1 tbsp of vegetable oil until bubbling.

Ingredients: Onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, tomato spices, garlic salt

I’m doubtful that I will use this the way it is intended, but I can see myself using the spices in a chili. When made following directions it makes 4 servings. I found this product in a 2012 catalogue for 2,99$.


2014-12-20 09.22.107.  Tea pot trivet

This is one of the two cooking ware products that I received in this box. Originally, I had no idea what I was going to do with a tea pot trivet, but then I realized that since it is for putting warm/hot items on that I can use it to put pans or casserole dishes when they are hot and I don’t want to put them on my counter top. This is a very heavy product (I suspect it’s cast iron) and I was surprised when I saw the price listed as only 5$ when I tried to look it up.

2014-12-20 09.23.008.  Silicone  basting brush

This is the other cookware item. It’s not something I currently own and I suppose it could be useful. I can see how it could be used to spread things on meat before cooking. I will use it, so it’s a win in that regard. I found this product for 6.99$ when I was researching.


2014-12-20 09.22.289. Cookbooks (6)

I didn’t attach any value to these as they often come free with orders. They are filled with recipes that use epicure brand spices and products. They each have a theme and build 5 days worth of meals around that theme. I received the following “Take 5” books:

  • Roast Chicken Dinner
  • Take Me to the Caribbean
  • Steak it to Me
  • Go Fish
  • Chicken Delicious
  • Marrakesh Nights

I look forward to checking this out further and seeing if there are any recipes I can use.


For this Santa Pack, I paid 40$ plus taxes and shipping, so it totaled close to 50$. I received a value of roughly 72$ before taxes, and roughly 83$ after taxes.  While saying that it was worth 80$ was a bit of a stretch, I am happy with the products I received. With the exception of the cranberry sauce, I will find ways to use all of these.