Charmed Aroma Candles

I like the internet. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t find half of the fun things that I do. This brings me to a more recent discovery, Charmed Aroma Candles. They ship to Canada and the USA and they come in a very well insulated box to prevent breaking.


Charmed Aroma candles are soy candles that contain rings valued between 10$ to 5000$(!) hidden in the wax. In each candle, there is a ring wrapped in tin foil and a little plastic bag. Each ring comes with a code that you can use to find the value on their website. Each candle costs 25.99$ plus shipping, which is more than worth it in my opinion because not only do you have a great smelling candle, but you get a nice ring too. They come in multiple scents: Sweet Pea Valley, Honey Nectarine, Emerald Lime, Velvet Peach, and Vanilla Crepe.

About the rings:  The rings are generally rhodium/gold plated if they are under 150$ and sterling silver if they are over that in value.  They are generally sizes 6-8 and the size is the luck of the draw. (I am lucky enough to have fairly small fingers (my ring size for my ring finger is about 5.5-6) If your ring is too big, you can check out this video about how to resize it using tape. If it’s too small, you could wear it as a pendant, or gift it to someone. (I know that I’d love to receive a ring like these as a gift.)

How the rings work are pretty simple. Burn the candle until you see the tin foil, grab the foil with tweezers and unwrap the foil. I actually took a video on my instagram and embedded it below.

I bought 3 candles, 2 for myself, and 1 for a friend’s birthday gift. (She loved it! ) I thought the scents were amazing! They were scented, without being over powering. I discovered (at least in my candles) that the tin foil piece is hidden behind the label, a little ways down. I got to both of mine within 10 hours of burn time.

I started off with the Sweet Pea Valley, and found it to be subtle and a little bit floral smelling. The video above is actually of that candle. I was actually really surprised that I found the ring so soon, since the wax melted all around, except it didn’t fully show the tin foil. It wasn’t until I poked it, that I realized it was solid and not at all waxy.  In this candle, the ring I received was valued at 80$. I think it’s adorable and I wear it on my middle finger. I am not usually a ring person, because I am picky about what I like to wear, but this fits my personality.

2015-05-24 19.12.12

The second candle I had was Honey Nectarine. It was so so yummy smelling! It smelled like I had a basket of fresh peaches/nectarines in the room.  This time my ring had a bit of a higher value, which was 90$. This reminds me a lot of an engagement ring so I best be careful not to wear it where an engagement ring should be. (unless of course, I find myself in a situation where that would be useful. )



Here’s a better picture of both rings that I received. I truly enjoy both of them and I love having some fun bling to add in to my wardrobe on days I feel like being fancy.

2015-05-24 19.12.40


The third candle I purchased, I mentioned that it was a birthday gift for a friend. I chose the Emerald lime scent and boy, was it ever lime smelling! It was so fresh and I really liked it. I was a wee bit tempted to keep it, but I knew that this friend would love it, so I didn’t. Her ring was also gorgeous and had a value of 100$. (Pictured below)




I am definitely going to be buying more of these candles in the future! It’s sort of like kinder surprises for adults but instead of chocolate surrounding the prize, it’s a lovely smelling candle. I can’t find anything to complain about in regards to Charmed Aroma except maybe that it took about 6 weeks from the time of my order till when I received them. But, seeing as it takes time to make candles, secure rings etc, I still find that to be reasonable as well.

So, what do you think? Have you tried these? Something like these? Have a favorite out of the rings I received? Leave your comments for me in the comment section.

Cheers, Kristen



Edit September 2015:

Since this post has been getting a crazy amount of hits and I’ve gotten some comments I thought I’d take the time to address them here.

I personally have not experienced any trouble with my rings. I do not wear them every day, but I do wear them. They look just as they did originally, save for being a little less shiny due to needing to be cleaned. I have not experienced any discoloration on my skin or reaction to the rings. I know that some people have had some issues, but I haven’t.