Adventure: Beauty Box 5

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve done Beauty Box 5 before. (From here on, I will call it BB5)

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty product subscription service.

Cost: 12$ per month (recurring shipment), 30$ for a 3-month membership and 99$ for a year long subscription.
Shipping: 3$ to Canada, Free to the US

In total, I received 7 boxes. February to July plus a bonus January box for signing up when I did. Pictured here are all but the July box.

Feb bb5

This box was my first ever introduction into beauty boxes. I was definitely excited to receive it in the mail. My first impression was that the box looked a lot smaller in person, but I still very much enjoyed the contents.

It contained: Rockstar nail polish and nail beads, BIG bold mascara, H20+ Sea spa wash,  and 2 foil packets of shampoo and conditioner.

I actually liked playing with the nail beads. They are very hard to put on but I liked the challenge. I’ve long since used the foil packets and sea spa wash but I still have the mascara put away. I have many to use before that one.

Bonus Box

This is the bonus box that was mentioned above. It had a mirror (bonus item), vitamin E cuticle oil, Coconut hemp oil lip balm, a different version of h20+ sea body wash, jergen’s daily moisture lotion and exfoliating gloves.

I was pleased with everything in this box aside from the Jergen’s lotion. I like subscription boxes because it allows me to discover new brands. I don’t want to see brands that I can go buy at any store.

I finally opened the coconut lip balm this week and IT. IS. FANTASTIC! It just smells so good!

March bb5

The winner of the March box for me is without a doubt the Bella Pierre cover up. It works so well! It looks really light when it’s in the container, but once on, it does its’ job well. The mousse (white container) is a curl mousse that has a tropical smell and actually works decently well. This box also contained another strong smelling item– the hand cream, which smells of peaches/mangos.

April bb5

I loved how make-up heavy this box was! I would never have dreamed of buying myself a red lipstick that dark, but I love it on! And the California Makeup Collection (a purple, gold and brown) isn’t half bad. It’s not super pigmented, but can be layered.

This box also had lovely little travel wipes with a mint smell. Sadly, I didn’t use these myself but passed them on to someone who was traveling.. From what I heard, the little container was very handy for days on the beach!

2014-05-15 17.37.25

May box featured another H20 product. This time it was a facial scrub. The sample is unfortunately very tiny. This box also had 3 refresh deodorant sheets to be used when you need to freshen up on the go. This month also brought another mascara, a citrus perfume sample (Which I’ve never used) and a sheet mask (definitely used that one).

This box marks where I started to be less than impressed with BB5.

june bb5

This was my second-to-last BB5 box. While I loved the nail polish (lilac! yes!) and the body wash was nicely scented (pomegranate), the last thing I needed was another mascara. Or more foil shampoo packets. I did however like the card board fold out with multiple different skin care samples. It’s nice to see that different lines exist.

All in all, it was  a great thing at the time, but I have since moved on to bigger and better things. It’s a good and inexpensive starter subscription box however. (Though, it’s sad that they now charge Canadians for shipping.)