Head to Toe Aloe Unbagging

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2015-07-20 12.11.14

3w Fresh Aloe mask sheet and Tosowoong Pure Mask in Aloe

Description: This aloe vera sheet mask settles into the skin, soothing and hydrating to the applied skin and removing grease and oil. Pop the face mask into the refrigerator 1 hour before use for an instant cooling sensation.
Directions: To a clean face, apply the sheet mask, after 15 to 20 minutes, gently remove the mask and smooth in any remaining essence.

 I love aloe masks. Actually, I love all masks. I like the 3 W masks. I find they  work nice and don’t leave my skin too sticky. I love the idea of sticking them in the refrigerator. With it being as hot as it is, I could definitely use something to cool me down. Value: 1.80$ and 1.99$

2015-06-20 21.13.03-2

Welcos Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist

Description: this gel mist combine the smooth and cooling features of an aloe gel with a refreshing easy to mist. This all in one product can be used on both the hair and body, soothing and hydrating all applied areas.

Directions: use gel mist whenever skin or hair feels dry. Hold the gel mist about 10 inches away from the skin or hair, and spritz on as much as needed. Once applied, smooth in gel for even absorption.

I am loving this mist. Its gentle on my skin and has definitely been a lifesaver in this heat. I’m not one who likes warm weather so this has been a welcome addition to my beauty stash. I’m so glad that is a big bottle. Value: 6.80- 7.99$

2015-06-20 21.13.37

It’s Skin Aloe Soothing Gel

Description: This Aloe gel can be used whenever the skin feels irritated or dry. It rejuvenates the skin and has a lasting cooling effect, temporarily relieving the skin from any irritation.

Directions: This can be used on both the face and the body as the last step in  skin care. Apply when skin feels irritated.

Ironically enough, I got a sunburn the day after getting this bag and had the chance to use this. It felt so nice against my sunburn and definitely made it so it wasn’t totally unbearable. Value: 2.99$

2015-06-20 21.13.26

Silicon massage pad

Description: This small and flexible silicone massage pad is perfect for a deep down clean, removing any excess dirt that regular face wash cannot lift alone. The tiny bristles can get into hard to reach places and gently remove dirt, oil, and grease from deep in the pores.

Directions: While washing your face, use a massage pad with your daily face cleanser and scrub all over part of your face.

This looks like it would feel pretty weird on my skin. I haven’t tried it, but I plan on doing so soon. Value: 2$?

2015-06-20 21.12.23-1

Nature Republic Smoothing Aloe Moisture Emulsion

Description: This non greasy emulsion is a light moisturizer. Once the emulsion is applied, it instantly starts to absorb into applied areas, leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Directions: Apply by tapping emulsion evenly across face and neck, until all emulsion  is rubbed in. For best results use after an aloe toner.

I actually haven’t opened this yet as I have so, so many other products on the go. Value: 7.99$

2015-06-20 21.12.38

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Body Cream

Description: A body cream that soothes and protect the skin from irritation. This cream moisturizes dry, irritated skin, and leaves skin feeling dewy and soft.

Directions: Apply evenly to areas of dry skin. Works great after the shower to prevent the skin from drying.

I really am digging the smell of this moisturizer. It smells slightly of aloe but I really like it. I find it smells fresh, if that makes any sense. I’ve been using it after showers and find that it’s working pretty well. Value: 5.50$


I paid 29$ plus 6.95$ shipping to Canada.  For this head to toe bag, I actually couldn’t find most of the prices/products on the Beauteque site, so a lot of the prices are averages from elsewhere online. This bag is worth roughly what I paid for it, excluding shipping. I’m fairly happy in spite of that because this time of year, aloe is a must have for me.

Did you get this bag? What did you think?




Beauteque Head to Toe Breakfast

I some how forgot about this bag, and didn’t do my review! I blame real life being hectic.

They always say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It will keep you energized and nourished the entire day. This March, the Beauteque team has created a collection of tasty and healthy products for you! Not only do we want you to be healthy and revitalized, but also, we want you to  be beautiful with these luxurious skin products.

2015-03-12 16.47.26-1

This came in a bubble mailer with the products in the blue bag (which reminds me of a couch pattern) and the apron in a plastic bag.

2015-03-12 16.47.47-2

1. EVAS Vitamin Cleansing Foam

This lemon scented cleansing foam has AHA, multi vitamins and hyaluronic acid ingredients. It will brighten your skin and remove pores from your face.

To use: Apply appropriate amount on your hands, massage it on your face, and wash off with warm water.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary about this citrus based cleanser online. Most of it circles around the high pH of this cleanser. (A mild cleanser would be about a 5 on the pH scale.) This one apparently clocks in at about a 10. I actually haven’t opened this to smell or to swatch because my skin cleanser line up is chock full at the moment. I plan on eventually testing this one out myself for pH and how it works for my skin, but if nothing else, I can use it for upper chest/back once it gets warm.

Value: 10$


This is the lemon version of this product. (There is also Winter Cherry and Avocado.) It’s pretty simple in its packaging and I like that the yellow matches the lemons.


This brand of cleansers have wild strawberries, mango, guava, apricot, raspberry, tangerine, jasmine, rosemary, calendula and rooibos in them. That sounds like a lot of really nice ingredients.


This poster is amusing. It’s like “super hero” cleanser! When I saw this, I knew I had to share.


2015-03-12 16.48.29

2. Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask

This sheet mask helps to soothe, nourish and control pores. It also has properties that will revitalize and brighten your skin.

To use: Remove mask from packaging and leave on face for 15-20 minutes. Take off the mask and pat in the remaining liquid on your face and neck.

This mask was lovely! It’s a very saturated mask and just felt so nice on my skin. It didn’t smell eggy and the essence was very creamy. I’d love another one of these any day. It contains egg yolk, albumin, ceramide and camellia oil.

Value: 5$

2015-03-12 16.48.18

3. Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt

This is a firm and soft cream with rich vitamins that will make your skin clear and soft.

To use: Place an appropriate amount on your face and massage for 2-3 minutes. Then cleanse your face with water.

This was one of the options you could choose in this bag so I went with one sugar apple and one raspberry. I like yogurt scrubs, but I don’t use them very often for some reason. I like that have multiple chances to use it. And, where they are nice little packets, I can hopefully sway my friends onto the benefits of good skin care. With these scrubs, you scrub for 2-3 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Ingredients for Sugar Apple: water, butylene glycol, cetyl ethylhexanoate, hydrogenated poly(c6-14 olefin), glycerin, anona cherimolia fruit extract(0.0099483%), nelumbo nucifera flower extract, prunus mume fruit extract, yogurt powder(0.05%), glyceryl stearate, glyceryl stearate citrate, glyceryl caprylate, mannan, sucrose, sucrose palmitate, silica, ethylhexylglycerin, xanthan gum, polysorbate 20, polyacrylate-13, polyethylene, polyisobutene, disodium edta, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, yellow 5 (ci 19140), blue 1 (ci 42090) (source)

Value: 6$

2015-03-12 16.48.39

4. Tonly Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

This banana like hand cream focuses on rich miniaturization and nutrition supply.

To use:  Apply an appropriate amount onto hands and massage them gently.

I adore this cream! I have it in my drawer at work and I was so glad to get a second one in this bag. It was actually a deciding factor in getting this bag. I like it that much. I’ve said before that it smells very much of laffy taffy. Which I am 100% ok with.

This cream has shea butter and milk proteins. It doesn’t have parabens, mineral oils, triethanolamine, TALC or venzyle alcohol.

Value: 10$


2015-03-12 16.48.03

5. Skinfood Bath Fizzer

The bath fizzer contains sea salt and minerals that will cleanse your skin and keep your body soft.

To use: After taking a shower, put one pack into the bath and let it dissolve. Soak in bath for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.

This was another item that you could pick. I went with honey salt. I’ve tried one of the two bath fizzers in this egg carton. It was nice. The only thing that would have made it better would be if my bath tub didn’t suck.

Value: 12$

2015-03-12 16.48.56-2

6. From Nature eChoice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack

This sleeping pack has ingredients such as jasmine, rose and green tea that will provide moisture, nutrition and relaxing effects throughout the night. 

To use: After using a toner, apply the sleeping pack over your face and rinse off with water the following morning.

Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, jasmine, Chrysanthemum, rose,

I actually like eChoice products despite their low end  reputation. This sleeping pack has a lot of nice ingredients, like green tea and it seems like it could be nice to my skin. I have no idea how I will react to the flower extracts, so I plan on spot checking this before slathering it all over my face. Since I have other things open at the moment, this hasn’t been opened yet either.

Value: 12$


7.  Cherry Apron

This cherry apron is perfect for cooking any meal of the day.

Hmmm… I’m a little suspect of the value of this apron. I’d put it down for 5$ maximum. It’s very plasticy and reminds of those picnic table cloths. But, since I hadn’t owned an apron, this is cool.

Value: 15$

2015-03-12 16.49.40Overall:

I paid 32. 95 USD for this bag (that’s just about 43$ Canadian with the stupid sucky exchange.) According to Beauteque’s retail prices, this bag has a 70$ value. As I say with all K-beauty bags/boxes, you can likely find these products cheaper online. (Example, banana cream on TK) It’s really just a matter of shopping around.

This bag had some nice products (egg mask, banana cream, bath fizzers) and all but one item were new things to me.   I’m not sold on the theme because I think it was very loosely put together. Lemon, Raspberry, Apple. Banana, Egg, Tea, Yogurt  and Honey. I would have loved to have seen some oatmeal, or something coffee related. It wasn’t a bad collection, but there could have been more with this theme.  I know that I’m not the only one who thought this. Blogger Beeju has similar thoughts on this. (And way better  picture taking abilities.

Did you get this bag? What did you think?

Beauteque Head to Toe Pink

The Bag of Love,

You don’t need to visit the city of love to fall in love when the bag of love is waiting for you at your doorstep! Fall in love with the bag of love this month, filled with pink treats from us to you. Glam yourself with our Head to Toe Pink Bag which includes a variety of beauty products perfect for an afternoon out with friends, or a night out with that special someone.

The Beauteque Team


2015-03-03 15.54.17

2015-03-03 15.54.22

This bag initially went on sale on Valentine’s day (surprising, right?) and it was 26$ plus shipping. It came bundled in a nice felted pink bag.  Read on below to learn more about the contents.

2015-03-03 15.57.21-2

1. Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream

Value: 3,95$

This sleeping pack treats skin with nutrients round the clock.

Directions: Use the spoon handle to thoroughly blend gel with cream, and then apply an even layer on a cleansed and toned face and neck. 

I love these little sleeping pack spoons! They moisturize my skin so well. The best part, however, is the fact that I can get multiple uses out of one pack. I use the lid from my Lassi’el yogurt packs to keep this fresh between days. The last one of these I used, I believe I managed to get 4 uses out of it. The version I received is Rosehip.

These creams come in many, many flavors(?): Royal Jelly, Olive, Shea Butter, Evening Prim, Blueberry, Rosehip, Seaweed, and Green tea.

source: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Etude-House-Moonlight-in-Spoon-Blending-Sleeping-Cream-6g-x-8pc-Set-/261296426821
source: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Etude-House-Moonlight-in-Spoon-Blending-Sleeping-Cream-6g-x-8pc-Set-/261296426821

2015-03-03 15.56.13

2. It’s Skin Todak Todak Pack Capsule Wash-0ff Masks

Value: 5$

Filled with vitamins and perfect for taking care of pores.

Directions: Apply the product gently to a cleansed face. Rince your face off with warm water after 10-15 minutes for best results.

I’ve tried one of these masks so far. It’s definitely different than my usual, “open pack, put on sheet mask,” routine. I found that it left my skin soft and moisturized. This particular version is for elasticity and contains pomegranate and shea butter. These are also a series of masks, each with different functions.


2015-03-03 15.55.21

3. Hada Senka by Shiseido

Value: 15,95$

Hada Senka’s lotion is the perfect product to moisturize your face during the winter months.

Directions: Simply apply the lotion on your face after your cleansing routine.

I think this is the lotion. I haven’t opened it yet as I’ve other product to use before it. I think it’s really cool that this is a Japanese product. I’ve never tried a Japanese beauty product before (to my knowledge anyway).  I am actually a bit confused by what I’m reading online as some sites say this is actually a lotion and others say that in Japanese beauty terms, that a lotion is a toner.

2015-03-03 15.55.48-2

4. Lameila Blending Sponge

Value: 15,95$

A makeup sponge applicator that gives a flawless finish.

Directions: Wet the sponge a bit and ring out the excess water so it’s damp. Place a bit of liquid makeup product on your hand and dab the blender. Then, following a quick-patting motion, use it to apply and blend your makeup.

I love the packaging on this! It’s adorable. This seems like a normal blending sponge so I’ve stashed it away until I’m done with my current one.

2015-03-03 15.56.40

 5. Tony Moly Circle Lens Mascara

Value: 6,50$

Perfect for a long and defined look.

Directions: Apply the mascara to dry lashes for a long and defined look.

I will never, ever, say not to mascara. Even though I have ridiculously long lashes, I still love to put some on before I head to work. This will go into my stash of mascara that are waiting to be used.

2015-03-03 15.56.59

6. Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner

Value: 7,25$

A lip liner with a creamy texture that helps express your lip line.

Directions: Apply the liner around the lip line to give it a natural and full effect.

I actually tried this all over my lips ( I know, I’m such a rebel) and found it to be a nice, subtle color that I would almost consider for daily wear. I found it covered nicely and the color lasted decently long.


2015-03-03 15.55.35

7. Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer

Value: 11,50$

Highlight and illuminate your skin giving it a perfect glow.

Directions: Apply this silky smooth cream or mix with foundation for a more subtle glow.

 This product makes me a bit nervous. But that’s probably since I’ve not a clue how to use it. I’m not one to wear oodles of make-up, or to dress up. From what I can tell, this can be used in makeup, on the face and on the body.  This is the Pink Sparkle version of this product.


Overall impression:

I think this bag fit the pink theme perfectly! I like most of the products and will use most of this, so it’s a winner for me. Overall, I paid somewhere in the vicinity  of 26$USD plus shipping. I received a value of  66$ based on Beauteque’s pricing.

Did you get this bag? What did you think? Any suggestions on how to use some of these things?



Beauteque Head to Toe Milk Bag

Beauteque is a company based out of the USA that deals in beauty products, often times Korean beauty products. Their goal is to help “East meet West” in terms of beauty care. Since I have developed a bit of a k-beauty addiction, and since memebox doesn’t ship my way any more, I decided to try them out. I’ve subbed for 3 months to their monthly bags and took the plunge and ordered one of their head to toe bags.

Beauteque is an online retailer that sells many different products and occasionally releases bags that can be purchased. They are often based around a certain theme or event. In this case, the theme is “milk,” meaning that all of the products relate to milk in some way. Beauteque also started selling monthly bags here.

So, without further ado, the Head to Toe Milk Bag.

2015-02-09 16.00.13


This arrived in a bubble envelope and inside I found this bag (filled with goodies), a product card and facial sponges.

2015-02-09 16.04.02

2015-02-09 16.05.38


In total, there were 7 items plus the super cute bag it arrived in.

2015-02-09 16.14.221. Secret Key Brightening Milk Toner (19$)

Description: Effective for skin brightening, and its abundance of vitamins, minerals and ions are helpful for enhancing skins immunity. The vitamins and minerals of the milk will supply your skin with nutrients and moisture.

Directions: Supply a good amount on a cotton pad, or relieve on hands. Massage the toner evenly into face, and then pat lightly.

Ingredients: Galactomyces filtrates, pomegranate extracts, ground cherry extracts, milk protein extracts, raspberry extracts, pasqueflower extracts, potato extracts, carrot extracts, pumpkin extracts, rice extracts, usnea extract, broccoli extracts

source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Secret-Key-Milk-Brightening-Toner-248ml-Radiant-skin-Moisture-Oil-balance-/271642148511
source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Secret-Key-Milk-Brightening-Toner-248ml-Radiant-skin-Moisture-Oil-balance-/271642148511


My impressions:

I’ve seen so many rave reviews about this product so I am interested to try it. I was a bit disappointed that this leaked a wee bit during transport, but that’s not that much of an issue. It didn’t affect any other products and very little of the product escaped.  I’m waiting to try this out, in spite of my being excited to do so.  I have another toner that I am currently using, but I am glad to have another one to use after the fact. I am enjoying the benefits of a non astringent toner. I don’t know how I ever did without one.

2015-02-09 16.11.08

2. Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam (12$)

Description: This moisturizing cleansing foams combine smooth milk extracts and anti-oxidant agents will wash away dirt and oil, leaving the skin soft and radiant. 

Directions: Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and later up. Rub face gently and thoroughly before rinsing with warm water. Splash on cold water for astringent effect.

My impression:

I think this is more for dryer skin than perhaps what my skin is. It smells a bit like berries, but there are also some floral notes. Since I have another foam cleanser in use, this one is on the shelf until further notice. Not because I doubt it will do wonders, but more so that I don’t have half used bottles of multiple products laying around.

2015-02-09 16.16.47

3. Secret Key Milk Hand Cream (6.5$)

Description: Light weight hand cream that absorb into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Great for sensitive and semi dry hands. 

Directions: Apply on dry hands.

My impressions:

Secret Key is one of those brands that I have read so much about from other bloggers but that I haven’t had a chance to try… until now. This product contains donkey milk, which I find a bit bizarre. But, like many things k-beauty, I’ve learned that sometimes the weirdest things do the most good. I’ve added this into my hand lotion rotation. I actually have taken this to work and stuck it in my desk. I’ve had some interesting reactions from co-workers on the label since it reads “donkey milk,” but I just find it a bit funny. I’ve slathered snail mucus, birds nest extract and bee venom on my face in products before. Donkey milk seems quite tame.

2015-02-09 16.07.27

4. Lameila Milk Wash Off Sponge (10$)

Description: An extremely gentle facial cleansing sponge with milk properties, that acts as a gentle exfoliator, rubbing off dead skin cells in the most delicate manner.

Directions: Put cleanser on the sponge and wet it under warm water until it’s completely soaked through and soft. Once it is, move in circular motions around your face to exfoliate and remove dirt and grime. The circular massaging will stimulate tired skin, and encourage skin renewal. 

My impressions:

This product looks so useful and so cool.  I like the idea of using a sponge to help cleanse my face and the fact that this one has milk properties in it too is just icing on the cake. I actually am finding this really nice to use. I find it helps cleansing a little bit but more testing will need to be done before I can reach any conclusions.

One thing I will say is this, some bloggers received individually wrapped sponges, but I did not. Both of my sponges were in the same bag so I hope my second one doesn’t dry up while I am using the first.


2015-02-09 16.12.27

5. Somang Milk Moisture Mask (3$)

Description: Leaving your skin utterly smooth, the milk and protein extract ingredients provide a healthy dose of moisturization, making skin soft and silky. 

Directions: Pop in fridge before using for an ultimate cooling effect. Use only on dry skin. Lay the mask on face for 15-20 minutes. After removing mask, gently rub in the remaining essence with finger tips. 

My impressions:  I looooove sheet masks! I used this the day after I received my bag. It left my skin so soft! It was fantastic. And even once I removed it, my skin wasn’t sticky. This is definitely a mask that I will look for again.

2015-02-09 16.15.37

6. Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care Balm (7$)

Description: Skinfood’s Lip Care Bar is an excellent solution for chapped, cracked or dry lips. Great all year round, but especially essential in cold and dry climates. This lip care bar contains shea butter that helps provide moisture to lips, while giving them a smooth and healthy look.

Directions: Apply the Shea Butter Lip Care whenever your lips feel dry. Reapply as required.

My impressions:

This packaging looks nice and I haven’t met a skinfood product that I haven’t liked. That being said, I have copious amounts of lip product open at the moment so, for now, this will remained nice and sealed.

2015-02-09 16.09.15

7. Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish (8.5$)

Description: A nail polish contained in a cute baby milk bottle that creates the perfect nail looks in milky, pastel colors. 

Directions: For best results, apply a base coat, and then apply milky nail polish evenly onto nails. Finish with top coat. 

My impressions:

This bottle is too cute! It looks like an old fashioned milk bottle. I think this will be a great color for spring/summer. For my hands, I tend to go fairly basic with pinks, reds, purples and occasionally I will do nail art. But my toes, my toes I will do whatever strikes my fancy. I actually tried it on my toes last night, and it’s a good, vibrant color. It really is true to what it looks like in the bottle.


Overall Impressions:

I paid roughly 29$ for this bag including shipping and whatnot and received a value of 66$, plus the bag itself. I think that this is a great value because I received a toner, cleanser, hand lotion, beauty item (sponge), mask, lip balm and a nail polish. I like that there is a nice variety. What I really like is that I was able to choose 3 of the products. I like knowing that at least 3 of the products will be products that work for me, or that I will at least like.  I also am a fan of Skinfood and I have heard great things about Secret Key. I appreciate that they didn’t just pick cheaper brands (purederm, echoice etc) and go with those. Not that I have anything against those, but I appreciate the “better” brands.