Below is a list of boxes that I have personally tried (or will try in the near future) or that I have gifted to family members and friends. More will be added as I continue my subscription box explorations. (This page may contain referral links)


Memebox   *** Now only shipping to USA, China and Korea***

Cost: 19$ to 39$ depending on the box
Shipping: 6.99$ for normal, 18.99$ for express
What is it?: It’s a beauty box that comes to you direct from South Korea filled with all kinds of new and exciting Korean beauty products.

Beauty Box 5

Cost: 12$ a month
Shipping: Free for the USA, 3$ shipping to Canada
What is it?: It’s a beauty box that comes with a variety of items for hair, body and face. It also occasionally has beauty accessories.

Indulge Me Box

Cost: 20$ a month plus 5$ shipping
Shipping: included in Canada
What is it?: No longer shipping monthly boxes.

Beauteque Monthly– Mask Maven or Bag

Cost: 24$ month by month and for 3 month subs, 23$ for 6 month subs and 22$ for 12 month subs
Shipping: Flat rate. 3.95$ to USA, 5.95$ a month to Canada and 8.95$ for Europe
What is it? A bag containing 7 full size products ranging from beauty, skin care and lifestyle categories.  The mask maven contains 9-11 masks of varying types each month.



Cost: 20$ a month
Shipping: Free
What is it?: A selection of 4 loose teas sent to your door every month. This has been a hit with the family member that I’ve sent this to. This is also a Canadian company!

Little Life Box

Cost: 22.99$ for a month trial, 19.99$ for a monthly subscription
Shipping: roughly 3.75$
What is it?: A (Canadian) health based subscription box that comes filled with different goodies to try.

Shiki Box

Cost:  Varies based on plan. I’ve ordered a one-time Candy and Snack box for 35$ USD
Shipping: free
What is it?: It’s a Japanese snack based subscription that comes filled with goodies straight from Japan.

 Wellibox   ***Company was sold, awaiting info on what will happen***

Cost: 14.95$ monthly, 13.33$ per month in a 6 month plan or 12.50$ a month for a yearly plan
Shipping: Free across Canada
What is it?: This is a Canadian subscription box that offers health,nutrition and weight loss supplements. It comes in three varieties– for her, for him and Xtreme. It guarentees at least a 25$ value.


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