Spring 2016 Beaverbox Unboxing

Beaverbox is a Canadian subscription box for women. It’s a box that comes out once a season (read: four times a year). They aim to have items in four categories: fashion, food, beauty and home, plus a little extra. It’s a bit more on the pricey side of what I normally buy, coming in at 55$ with shipping included, but I felt like splurging. I’ve had good boxes before, like the fall box. I like that this box features small Etsy companies.




Nectar Sunglasses

While these aren’t from a small Etsy business, they are pretty awesome. I’m awful for losing my sunglasses or breaking them, so having another pair is always welcome. This particular pair is in the “bombay” style. They have tortoise shell frames and have orange tinted lenses. When you’re wearing these, you can see out but other people won’t be able to see your eyes due to the reflection. Value: 30$

Lemon Juicer

This is an unbranded lemon juicer. It’s nothing super fancy, but it’s something that I didn’t already own. Value: >5$

Elle Jewels Bracelet

This is one of the classic items made by Elle Jewels. It’s a simple elephant on a chain. I like the simplicity of it. I haven’t worn it yet, but I could definitely see myself wearing it. Value: 23,95$

True Effects Hand and Skin Shield

We were given two different kinds of these hand lotion. One is scented, the other is unscented. The containers are also different. I like them both equally. I don’t find the scent to be overpowering anyway, so scented or unscented it’s all the same to me. That being said, it works very well on dry skin. Value: 16$

Stamped Birch Magnets by Birch & Ink

This month, three cute little birch tree magnets with hearts came in the box. These are too cute! I like that they’re different but that they also are pretty. These went up on my fridge right away. Value: 3$

Iced Tea Sangria by New Moon Tea Co

I’ll skip the “I hate tea” commentary this time, and go straight to the explaining. This is a one-time use packet for a pitcher of sangria of iced tea. I think it’s great that it came with the bag for the tea, as some people may not have an infuser pitcher or tea bag. I gave this to a neighbor who seemed very happy with it. Value: 4.99$

Overall, I received a value of 80$, not including shipping prices for the Etsy items. This value was much higher than the fall box, and mostly due to the sunglasses/bracelet. I think that it’s an interesting concept and I am so impressed that this is a Canadian company. While I often look for high values in subscription boxes, with this one being more of a discovery of Canadian companies (and often small ones, at that!), I am ok with getting close to what I paid. Since the subscription fee includes shipping in it, I still think that this is a fair value. I definitely plan on keeping this subscription up as I like the discovery aspect of it and where it is only 4 time a year, it doesn’t hurt the wallet as much.

What do you think? Would you order this one?




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